This Weeks Interesting Reads

A few things I came across this week...

Embracing "Intentional Ignorance".  Intentional Ignorance gives you space to do your best work. It frees up mental energy for big, exciting projects. It allows you to focus – with laser-like intensity. (99u.com)

System Overload. From the crumbling bridge of California to the overflowing sewage drains of Houston and the rusting railroad tracks in the Northeast Corridor, decaying infrastructure is all around us, and the consequences are so familiar that we barely notice them. (newyorker.com)

Secret London: 14 odd attractions you never knew were there.  In an era when every iconic landmark is overrun with crowds searching for the perfect selfie, finding attractions off the beaten track has never been more refreshing. (telegraph.co.uk)

Time Stack Technique for Turning Landscapes into Impressionist Images.  Interesting method of stacking exposures to create a painted look in the sky. (500.px)